Drinking Policy & Shift Meal

Drinking Policy


Afterwork drinks are a privilege that we want Negril Village ATL employees to enjoy. Please follow and uphold the drinking policy so that we may continue to offer it for your hard work. All it takes is one person to abuse it to cause us to revoke the policy company wide.

Each employee is allowed 1 well drink at the bar at the end of their shift.

End of shift means that you are completely relieved of your duties, cashed out, and changed clothes

Well drinks consist of house liquor, beer, wine, manager approved brands

If your are not sure, please consult manager on duty

Do not go over your limit on premise

Do not drink enough to become intoxicated

If you become intoxicated, please consult your manager to help you evacuate the premise

Employees should not remain in the work environment intoxicated


Shift meals

Shift meals are provided before and after shifts

Typically the kitchen will prepare and put out staff meals at designated times. Generally that time will be between 4 and 5pm when most staff is in the building.

Employee meals may be offered before the lunch/brunch shift and after dinner shift based on inventory. Although we we are not required to do so.

If a staff meal has not been provided, please consult manager on duty or kitchen manager to get approved meal.

The FOH manager will send a kitchen ticket for your approved meal

After your meal, it is your duty to ensure surrounding area is clean and all plates/glasses are put away/sent to dishwasher.

No Shift meals will be sent during/in the middle of service periods.


*Employees are not permitted to take food or alcohol home. This will be considered as theft and result in immediate termination.

*Any food or alcohol product offered to you by management may be consumed on premise


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